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Al Bloomenthal

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Strategic Planning and Governance Committee and Finance Committee
Al Bloomenthal is a proud former Calgarian and current Penderite, born in Calgary many years ago and growing up to be a devout fan of the Flames and Stampeders.  He graduated from Western Canada High School at a time when there were still horse-drawn milk wagons, bound for the University of Alberta.  After graduating with a B.Sc. and a law degree six years later he articled and then practiced in Calgary for the next 25 years, trying his hand at civil litigation and real estate development.  Weary of all the fighting, posturing and bellowing by then, he happily escaped to Pender Island where he had sought refuge from life on vacations for many years previously and evolved into a gardener of renown, a golfer who frankly cheated from time to time (and still does) and a devout cappuccino drinker.  He has dabbled in a number of charitably focused activities from time to time and has enjoyed spending the last five years on the PIHCS Board.