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Urs Boxler

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Board Member
Urs was born and raised in Switzerland. He lived in Switzerland, Canada, the United States, and Australia. In his early 20’s, Urs began the realization of his dream to explore the world when he emigrated to Canada, settling in Toronto in 1967, where he started a new career in information technology and met his wife Judy, also a budding computer programmer. Before moving back to Switzerland, Urs lived three years in Toronto, two years in California and one year in Chicago, where he earned an MBA at Northwestern University. He worked for a prominent consulting company in Zurich and was given a challenging IT project for the Swiss army.
After four years in Switzerland, one year in Australia and two years of world travel, Urs and Judy came back to Canada and settled in Vancouver in 1980. Urs joined Sierra Systems Consultants in Vancouver and worked as a designer, project manager, and consultant for many clients in various industries, primarily in education and health care. He eventually became a partner with Sierra and helped build the company. While at Sierra, one of the memorable projects in the 1980’s was as project manager for the strategic design of a patient care system. This early design later grew into an international product called Sunrise Clinical Manager; it is currently used across North America, including at Providence Health Care in Vancouver.
In 1998, he chose to take early retirement and soon, Urs and Judy spent most summers extensively exploring the Pacific Northwest coast for several months each year on their sailboat Raven Song. Eventually the cruising and live-aboard lifestyle was replaced with a permanent residence on Pender Island, where they have owned a property with a small cabin since 1991. They designed and built their own house on that same property and moved in permanently in 2016. Urs and Judy feel very much at home on Pender and are happy to take on volunteer jobs to serve the community. Urs joined the PIHCS Board in 2020.